Back in March, VERMITHRAX decided to try a different route to finish what at the time was a new EP. Farming out engineering and production work can add up fast, so the band was trying to decide the best path to use to move forward. They didn't want to go the typical route of sending out songs to labels, chase after people for answers and basically lose control of their music, so the decision was made to go a more modern approach... Crowdfunding.

In a very short launch of 30 days, the band was able to raise almost $4,900 towards CD Preorder packages allowing the band to not only move forward, but to add other tracks that were missing from the original plan, including a tribute Medley to classic thrashers' FLOTSAM AND JETSAM. While many fans were initially were paying for an EP their support turned that EP into the full-force, full length CD, entitled, "Imperium Draconus". A truly diverse collection of pounding metal crossing and often blending several metal genres under the Thrash moniker.

Many unforeseen challenges like to rear their ugly heads when you're under the gun, but with the help of these key fans and friends, they were overcome. Licensing was paid for the 2-song F&J medley, all studios paid and the services of Chris "Zuess" Harris (Queensryche, Sanctuary, Iced Earth, Rob Zombie) were acquired to master the new album to it's fullest and most destructive potential.

The official release date for international release is October 12th, 2018 on Divebomb Records/Tribunal Records. Official announcement is coming soon.

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