"Without a doubt, the influences of Testament, latter day Exodus, Metal Church and King Diamond looms large over their music. It is also played by five men that are seriously talented musicians and along with a thunderous production job, hits you like a fistful of nails hammered into your head..”  

- Ever Metal- US

"VERMITHRAX created music somewhere between NEVERMORE/SANCTUARY, FORBIDDEN and TESTAMENT. 'Cory' proves his vocal range can go from Warrel Dane over Tim Aymar to Chuck Billy impressively, without sounding like a copy of the vocalists mentioned."

- Strike Magazine / Streetclips TV - Germany

“The tracks that are delivered on this EP are furious, crushing, technical thrash reminiscent of recent Testament and Nevermore.  The songs are belted out in a flurry of emotion that delivers an aural sucker-punch.” 

- Mösh & Höps - US

“This band just breathes metal! This is top class US Metal like in the good old days. Reviewing is easy, as I can only praise them from the bottom of my heart...They get easily 90/100.”

Metal To Infinity - Belgium

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