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Quick Quotes:

"Serious Thrashtastic raging going on here! Vermithrax are heavy as Hell, without sacrificing technicality, chops or quality songwriting. Already sounds classic!!" 

-Bob Mayo (Wargasm)-

This band just breathes metal! This is top class US Metal like in the good old days. This band made my day, week, month, year? Reviewing is easy, as I can only praise them from the bottom of my heart...They get easily 90/100(without prejudice).”         - Metal To Infinity - Belgium

"Without a doubt, the influences of Testament, latter day Exodus, Metal Church and King Diamond looms large over their music. It is also played by five men that are seriously talented musicians, and along with a thunderous production job, hits you like a fistful of nails hammered into your head..”  -Ever Metal- US

"I was scraping my melted face up off the floor of the mosh pit. Not only did Vermithrax deliver a blistering set of San Francisco rooted thrash metal, with intricate guitar runs and flawless rhythm orchestration, but also was connected to the crowd.” - The Heavy Metal ICU / Adrenaline101 Radio - US

"After seeing them command the stage at The 120 Tavern; seeing the metal fans reciprocating the energy coming from the stage; watching everyone's collective jaws drop, I knew I landed that white whale."    -Hoyt Parris (Owner at Pathfinder Promotions/ ProgPower USA Staff) -

“The tracks that are delivered on this EP are furious, crushing, technical thrash reminiscent of recent Testament and Nevermore.  The songs are belted out in a flurry of emotion that delivers an aural sucker-punch.” - Mösh & Höps - US

"VERMITHRAX created music somewhere between NEVERMORE/SANCTUARY, FORBIDDEN and TESTAMENT. 'Croy' proves his vocal range can go from Warrel Dane over Tim Aymar to Chuck Billy impressively, without sounding like a copy of the vocalists mentioned.  - Strike Magazine / Streetclips.TV - Germany

The music is a throwback to an earlier time when thrash was the heaviest of the heavy... This EP will appeal to fans of old school thrash like Slayer, Forbidden, Testament and Exodus as well as newer bands like Arsis, Havok & Municipal Waste”        - Lady Obscure Metal Reviews - US


Origin:  PITTSBURGH, PA (STEEL CITY), USA                                      Genres:  Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal


Years Active:  2012 - Present                                                                  Booking Agent: OPEN


Label Partner:  OPEN                                                                            PR/Marketing: OPEN                                                                            

Business Affairs & Licensing:                                         

Ula Gehret (Clandestine Music):: ​ 

Schaeferstr. 33a, 44147 Dortmund, GERMANY ​

Tel. +49 231 8297 302


Looking to revive a past love for the heavier, driving metal that is reminiscent of the early thrash scene, VERMITHRAX was formed in Pittsburgh, PA in 2012 by vocalist Chris “Croy” Roy and drummer J.R. Jameson. Joined by guitarist Scott “Hagz” Haggerty and bassist Tom Donaldson, VERMITHRAX quickly got to work on their debut EP, appropriately titled “Vol.1”. The EP’s 2014 release was met with immediate praise, with the metal press corps hailing the band’s deft blend of progressive and thrash elements, as well as the multi-faceted vocals of Croy.

Sharing the stage with such heavy hitters as ICED EARTH, METAL CHURCH, QUEENSRYCHE, FATES WARNING, OVERKILL, SABATON, LIZZY BORDEN and EVERGREY helped VERMITHRAX sharpen their live skills in preparation for their sophomore release, entitled, “Vol. II: Imperium Draconus”. Recorded at the band’s personal studio, "The Lair" and as with their Volume I EP, mixed by Christopher Lee Simmonds (Thought Industry, Filter, Emancipation Syndicate, Ten Ton Roller-skate), as well as a tribute song recorded and mixed by VERMITHRAX for this special , hand-numbered limited edition release.

While the anthemicly epicness vibe of, “Enoch” and brooding chug of , "Crucified By Hate" are definitive signposts for VERMITHRAX’s balanced yet varied sound, their classic metal-inspired sound features an array of blistering, epic guitar solos, along with the animated, identifiable vocals of Croy. With that, it might be, “Road to Athkatla” that emerges as the EP’s one-size-fits-all, razor-sharp jump into the adventurous worlds of progressive and power metal. The EP ends with a steamrollering thrash masterpiece that combines VERMITHRAX's unique approach branded and burned deep into a medley of 2 of Flotsam & Jetsam's thrash staples, as a true, heartfelt tribute to one of their favorite classic influences.


With another fourteen songs already written in preparation for future releases and a strong regional following behind them, VERMITHRAX is looking for the right label partner to take their career to the next level. 


-With help of David E. Gehlke (Author, "Damn The Machine: The Story of Noise Records") 

NEW CD- Release: Summer 2018

Business Affairs & Licensing:

Ula Gehret (Clandestine Music):: ​ 

Schaeferstr. 33a, 44147 Dortmund, GERMANY ​

Tel. +49 231 8297 302

Booking: ​ OPEN




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